Terms of Use

1. Online Rental Platform Terms of Use are binding for every STORENT Online Rental Platform user, hereinafter referred to simply as Platform.
2. In order to become registered user of the Platform, one must adhere to the registration procedure established on Platform.
  • Existing Customer – legal entity. All employees authorized to rent equipment automatically granted Platform User access for the term of their authorization.
  • Existing Customer – legal entity. All employees who have registered signature rights automatically granted Administrator rights to customers Users of Platform.
  • Existing Customer – legal entity, whose employees have no access to Platform, should submit a User Registration Application with a list of employees to be given access to Platform with specific access level (User, Administrator of Users). Having reviewed the application, Storent will grant respective Customer’s employees required access to Platform.
  • Requests for assigning and withdrawing the access rights for an Existing Customer - legal entity, whose employees are granted access to Platform with a possibility to administer access of the Customer's employees to Platform shall be submitted in My Cabinet by Administrators. After considering the request, Storent will assign the indicated customer’s employees the required access to Platform.
  • Existing Customers – natural persons have access to Platform by default, which is granted at the moment of their registration as Storent customer.
  • New Customer – having received completed registration form, Storent will grant Administrator or User access right to the person, specified as Customer or as the Customer’s Contact Person in the registration form.
  • Users with Platform access as Customer’s Users Administrator are responsible for adding new Customer’s Users and timely blocking of existing Users.
3. Having become a registered Platform User, a person agrees to process his/her Platform User profile data.
4. Each registered Platform User understands and agrees that data specified in his/her user profile are available to all other Users, who represent the same Customer and are registered on the Platform, and that use of these data does not depend on Storent.
5. Users are responsible for accuracy of their data. Users must correct errors if possible, and if not possible, must inform Storent. Information specified in an order, price quotation, reservation, etc. is binding upon all Users.
6. Each User may only register once on Platform. Users are obliged not to disclose their Platform access data to other persons.
7. A Platform User is responsible for consequences arising from his information publication on Platform.
8. Storent assumes no responsibility for changes made in Platform User data, caused by other persons as a result of actions not conforming to legal provisions or as a result of problems of a technical nature.
9. A Registered User may terminate his/her operations on Platform as a registered User at any time by sending a User deletion request to Storent.
10. A user may not do anything contrary to Platform system safety, stability, high speed, and other Portal Users.
11. Users may not act on Platform contrary to provisions of Sweden legislation, deceive Storent, use foul language, or add information of erotic, pornographic or other improper content.
12. Storent shall not be liable for any losses caused to Platform Users by Platform Services or materials published by other Platform users.
13. Users may only move, publish, sell, or reproduce information received from Platform or derive works from it after receiving written authorization from Storent.
14. By placing information on Platform, the Platform User is obliged to carry out all necessary activities to provide for protection of Platform lawful interests against any suits or claims by third parties, which may be pursued against Platform in connection with information placed on it.
15. Services available to Platform Users are free of charge and at the current quality level. In case of claims and suggestions, please contact Storent.
16. Users must comply with Platform Terms of Use and Storent requirements related to Platform and Users’ activity performed on it. Storent has the right to restrict or deny User access to Platform as well as to delete any information.
17. All intellectual property rights regarding Platform belong solely to Storent. In case of violation of these rights, responsible person shall be called to account in accordance with legislation, as well as shall be fully responsible for all damages which are caused to Platform as a result.
18. All User personal data featured on Platform are protected according to provisions of Sweden legislation. Processing of such data is performed in compliance with general principles of personal data processing as defined in Sweden legislation.