STORENT launches the contactless online equipment rental platform in Sweden

Online construction equipment rental services provided by STORENT are becoming a reality in the Sweden, which is a big step towards the digital era.

The newly-created online equipment rental platform allows customers to complete the full cycle of the rental process in a non-contact manner: by remotely registering and signing agreements, ordering and returning equipment, making payments and signing documents with BankID. Customers will no longer need to visit a rental depot or call STORENT employees as they will now be able to manage the entire equipment rental process remotely – anytime, from anywhere!

“This is a new solution in the industry. We can claim to be the first ones to radically change the routine rental processes. The introduction of these innovations was a responsible decision we made to facilitate the mobility of our customers,” underline Andrew Sande, STORENT General Manager

Arnis Skrastins, CIO of STORENT Group: “Our digital approach combined with artificial intelligence (AI) will provide customers with the best solutions available in the construction equipment rental market, as well as with the best choice and total price offer. Customers will be able to quickly check online rental price for specific piece of equipment for selected period of time with delivery to selected location. This means that they will no longer need to call a STORENT employee to find out what the rental terms and the final price would be – everyone will now be able to select the equipment they need online and see what the delivery price for it would be. In addition, the price estimate that customer will see on their phone or computer at the time of their order will not change.”

“Cooperation process will become more transparent and convenient, customers will be able to keep track of their orders and invoice flows, as well as the equipment balance on their objects, and, most importantly, rent construction equipment they need while sipping their morning coffee. It will take less than 5 minutes,” says Andrew Sande.

“It will only take a few minutes for new customers to register on STORENT website and calculate the rental equipment and transportation costs. Everything related to paper documents and their physical signing is already in the past. We are changing with the aim to automate the routine work processes by introducing a much more modern approach – doing business remotely. Rental services will now be available 24/7 independently on where you are, all you need is a phone or a computer with an internet connection,” says Andrew Sande.

“In addition, every STORENT customer can now earn points similarly to earning points with airlines. Simply collect and use them! Earn Rental Points from the rented equipment amount and use them for your own needs,” adds Andrew Sande.

“We are committed to integrating and introducing modern technologies into the professional construction equipment rental business and to investing even more in solutions that will make our customers’ lives easier," adds Andrew Sande.